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Compact, flexible solution for power distribution

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article image The super compact resina is halogen free, inflammable and emits no toxic gases.

ABB Australia Pty Limited has introduced the super compact resin insulated busduct IP68. It has high fault level, low independence busbar trunking that offers a cost effective and flexible alternative to cable when installing high power distribution systems between 630A - 6000A, up to 1000V. The cast resin busduct is supplied with supports and termination accessories complete from transformer and genset to LV switchboard.

Areas of application:

* For connection from transformers to main LV board/MCC, from LV board to other sub-distribution boards and for distribution of power in industrial and commercial applications.

* Specially suited for aggressive atmospheres and explosive areas.

* Can be buried underground with proper base support.

Major features:

* Compact dimension 100mm-wide, 630A to 6300A

* IP68 protection even at joints

* UV resistant

* Chemical resistance

* Tropical resistant

* Low voltage drop

* High short circuit withstands 130KA

* Ex classified

* Function E30 and E90

* Totally maintenance free

* Short installation time.

Short distance transformer, genset and switchboard termination of busduct is realised with SC Resina. SC Resina busduct 4000A for a 2.5MVA transformer is 100mm-wide x 380mm-high. Termination space required for 4000A busduct above or below the transformer, genset, and LV board is as small as 380mm.

Top, bottom and front terminations are possible with SC Resina. Different types of terminal elements are available to suit the phase orientations at the transformer, genset and switchboard. Flexible connections to LV bushings are supplied along with terminal elements to compensate vibrations and tolerance in dimensions.

The ABB super compact resina high power busbar trunking is manufactured and tested in accordance with CEI EN 60439/1 and 2 standards.

The super compact resina busduct system is manufactured on the concept of direct encapsulation of copper or aluminium conductors with an insulation of compound resina consisting of epoxi resin mixed with a high content of selected inert mineral fillers under vaccum.

The super compact resina is halogen free, inflammable and emits no toxic gases. The compact design of the SC Resina gives excellent electro-mechanical characteristics.

The conductors, which can be supplied in either copper or aluminium, have a rectangular section with round edges. The copper supplied is electrolytic copper with 99.9% purity, confirming to ETP standards.

The jointing of the lengths is simply done by overlapping two lengths and tightening the double-headed torque sheer bolt on the integral 'monobloc' joint. Then the joints are completed with resin insulation at site.

The ABB super compact cast resin busbar system has a multiple bolt joint monobloc system to ensure that contact resistance is minimum at the joints thereby reducing heating of joints.

Straight elements are available in 3m, 2m, 1m and special lengths as per project specific requirements in feeder or distribution configurations. On distribution, busbar lengths tap-off outlets are provided as standard and can also be provided to project specific requirements.

Tap-off units can be supplied in a range of ratings with can include either switch-fuse or MCCB from 80A - 1250A. A ‘T’ branch is also available as a cost effective solution for a longer branch run of lower rating.

Fixing brackets are supplied as standard along with busduct elements enabling the SC Resina busduct to be suspended and installed in any position.

Additional accessories include all types of angular elbows, double elbows, tee joints, flexible switchboard joints and expansion elements. Project specific tailor made elements of SC Resina elements gives total flexibility in project design and maximum adaptability. SC Resina busduct elements can be easily modified at site to compensate any difference in civil dimensions.

Delivery time takes three weeks, as the product comes direct from the factory in Europe. For urgent cases, the busduct can be delivered in two working weeks. Customers can also use the local stocks in Australia for standard busduct elements.

A completely engineered package solution for LV high power distribution is available, including ABB transformer, cast resin busduct and LV switchboards from a single source.

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