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article image Suitable for use in hosedown environments and applications subject to high levels of dust and humidity.

ABB 's C1300 circular chart recorder combines established chart recording technology with time-saving features for a range of industrial applications.

The C1300 has two LCD graphical display panels, each capable of carrying multiple lines of text. This makes it suitable for totalisation applications in the water and waste industry where multidigit totaliser values and engineering units need to be displayed.

Text prompts are also displayed in full English, simplifying both the configuration and operation of the recorder. The display can be read in locations where there is high ambient light.

Relationships between volumetric values and instantaneous flow values are automatically calculated and used to configure the C1300. This makes it easy to totalise in volumetric units different to that of the instantaneous flow measurement. Real time reset functions allow operators to simply program the totaliser to reset at specific times to automatically gather daily, weekly and monthly totals.

Datalogging technology from ABB's SM series of electronic data recorders is used by the C1300. A totaliser log automatically stores readings for future reference, which can be viewed via the unit's front panel. This means that operators can access historical data on dates, times and individual values, eliminating the need to routinely visit the recorder to collect readings.

The C1300 can be configured via the front display panel or configuration files can be downloaded with the unit's PC configuration backup port. In applications where multiple C1300 units are installed, this feature can help to reduce configuration time by allowing operators to copy configuration files between different recorders rather than having to individually configure each recorder.

The C1300 is easily upgraded to suit changing applications. The use of plug-in modules permits straightforward addition of extra recording channels, math capabilities and relay outputs while the unit is still in situ.

A choice of mounting options allows the unit to be fitted onto a panel, wall or pipe mounting. Detachable terminal blocks permit trouble-free connection of input and output wiring, while an optional power switch within the recorder provides mains isolation where necessary.

Full IP66 and NEMA 4X front face protection make the C1300 suitable for use in hosedown environments and applications subject to high levels of dust and humidity. The C1300 can also operate without disruption caused by interference in high-electrical noise environments.

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