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Circuit breakers for mining now available in 1000Vac

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A new range of 1000Vac circuit breakers suitable for the mining industry is now available from ABB .

Part of the ABB Sace moulded case and air circuit breaker range, Tmax and Isomax MCCBs provide protection from 32 to 630A and achieve Icu levels from 6 to 30kA. Two protection versions are available: thermal magnetic and microprocessor based over current release, depending on the type and size of the circuit breaker.

On thermal magnetic versions the current level is adjusted from 0.7 to 1 x rated current (In) and is available for long time delay, short time delay, instantaneous and ground fault protection.

The circuit breakers have the same dimensions as those in the standard versions. All accessories from the standard range are available for custom in-field adaptation to suit each application and include remote control using motor operators, shunt opening release or under voltage release.

Electrical monitoring components, auxiliary and alarm switches enable remote status indication. Mechanical components encompass a range of lockable handles up to IP65 with fixed or variable depth mounting and door interlocking facilities.

Emax air circuit breakers provide solutions for up to 6300A with Icu level 20 to 65kA at 1000V and at 1150Vac. Emax is available in four sizes in withdrawable and fixed versions. Again the range is a derived version from the standard and uses the same accessories.

It is fitted with an electronic over current relay with a combination of thresholds and trip times.

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