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AP-R residual current device from ABB Australia

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ABB Australia  have announced the release of a range of residual current devices with high immunity characteristics against nuisance tripping. This new device known as AP-R was designed to overcome the problems associated with unwanted tripping due to over voltages of atmospheric or operational origin.

Often disturbances on the mains can cause an RCD to trip even though no true earth fault is present. The disturbances are often caused by transient over voltages associated with loads starting, stopping or being switched, electric motors and fluorescent lighting systems. Over voltages due to either direct or indirect lightning events are also known to cause unwanted tripping of RCD protection.

The AP-R device contains an electronic circuit that can distinguish between temporary leakage caused by disturbances on the mains and permanent leakage due to actual faults. The AP-R devices adhere to the strict requirements of AS/NZS61008 for RCD’s and AS/NZS61009 for RCBO’s.

The AP-R device has a surge resistance value 12 times that of a conventional RCD with ratings of 3000A based on an 8/20 wave. The superior performance of the AP-R device under these conditions provides the high immunity characteristics against atmospheric based over voltages.

The AP-R device range is based upon the popular ABB F200 RCD’s, DDA RCD blocks and DS9 RCBO products. Providing conventional residual current protection, the AP-R models ensure that unwanted tripping can be avoided in domestic, commercial and industrial systems where service continuity is essential.

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