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ACS880 multidrives from ABB

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ABB Australia  announces the introduction of the ACS880 multidrives, part of ABB’s new all-compatible low voltage AC drives portfolio.

Compatible with virtually all types of AC motors, automation systems, users and business requirements, the new drives feature ABB’s common drives architecture, and are designed to simplify operation, optimise energy efficiency and maximise output.

Built-to-order to meet customers’ needs, the new ACS880 multidrives can meet technical challenges through a wide selection of options that are all mountable within the cabinet. A single supply and DC bus arrangement with multiple inverters reduce line power, cabinet size and investment costs.

Extended I/O, fieldbus options, EMC filtering, brake options, fuses and main switch are some of the features of the new ABB multidrives. The new cabinet design is more compact and offers efficient thermal handling.

Key features of ABB’s ACS880 multidrives:

  • Several ingress protection (IP) classes with IP22 and IP42 to suit different environments are available
  • Supports induction motors, synchronous motors and induction servo motors as standard
  • Controls the motors in open loop or closed loop, through its high precision motor control platform, direct torque control (DTC)
  • Built-in safety features reduce the need for external safety components
  • Supports the CoDeSys programming environment according to IEC 61131-3
  • Common drives architecture features the same control panel, parameter menu structure, universal accessories and engineering tools
  • New control panel equipped with intuitive and high-resolution control display for easy navigation
  • Flexible data visualisations help users to analyse processes
  • Integrated USB port allows easy connection to the PC tool, Drive composer, which offers fast and harmonised startup, commissioning and monitoring Built-in energy calculators help user fine-tune processes to ensure optimal energy use

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