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ABB robot shakes hands at K 2007 in Dusseldorf

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The K 2007 event in Dusseldorf will allow visitors to lead the ABB Australia IRB140 robot by hand to demonstrate how easy it is to program the machine.

This lead-by-hand technique lets the user hold the robot gripper while a command de-energises the robot and it goes limp. The user then moves the robot by hand and simply demonstrates the required positions for a machine cycle or for part processing.

In the case of part processing, such as cutting or polishing, the program afterwards re-runs the robot along the taught positions. This automatically adds all necessary positions to generate the perfect processing path.

The IRB140 robot is a compact and powerful 6-axes machine with a combination of fast acceleration, large working area and high payload suitable for smaller injection moulding machines.

Also on the theme of user friendliness, ABB’s easy to use, yet powerful programming solutions meet a broad variety of robotic applications in plastics and rubber processing.

ABB also introduces a unique new service for monitoring and fault finding in robot applications, whereby diagnostics and predictive machine condition monitoring can be effected over the Internet. The robot controllers communicate wirelessly via an embedded web server to alert service requirements – maximising uptime, preventing unplanned stoppages and minimising maintenance costs.

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