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ABB releases upgrade to fastest press tending robot

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article image IRB 6660 press tending robot

ABB Australia announces a new press tending robot, the IRB 6660 100/3.3, which is up to 15 percent faster than its counterparts. ABB has been developing robot-based press automation solutions for more than two decades.

ABB has extended the IRB 6660’s reach to 3.35 metres from 3.1 metres. The new variant increases the distance between press lines to 8.5 - 8.7 metres and allows the robot to handle larger blanks with very short cycle times.

ABB’s Robotic Product Specialist Paolo Maggi says that the latest variant guarantees flexibility and speeds that far exceed the capabilities of other press tending robots on the market.

Recognised as the fastest press tending robot on the market for large blanks, the IRB 6660-100/3.3 is, on average, 15 percent faster than the competition. Suitable for both new and existing press tending manufacturing lines, only the robot’s arm length has been changed, allowing customers to easily and cost effectively upgrade their existing assets. 

Maggi adds that the new variant demonstrates ABB’s commitment and expertise in press tending, and will help customers meet their production requirements, and save significant costs associated with press tending automation.

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