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ABB launches new 3D machine tending software package

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ABB, the leader in power and automation technology group, has launched new ABB’s RobotStudio Machine Tending PowerPac 3D machine tending software package that enable the creation of a virtual robot cell in 30 minutes.

The new software package enables users to create virtual robotic cells to test different configurations and help build ideal solution for their application.

The software assesses cycle-time, cell footprint and reachability and can recommend suitable ABB robot required. It can also identify any post-processes the robot can conduct while the machine is moulding a part.

The simulation uses a six-step process to create a 3D representation of a robotic cell, with the user being guided by the software’s ‘Cell Wizard’.

The wizard guides the user through the process of deciding which type of robot to use; where to position the robot; the type of part to be produced and which stations can be used for post-processing.

Once the process is completed, the program uses the information to generate the 3D cell.

Dedicated graphic models are used to represent machines produced by the popular brands.

The program provides users with the flexibility to amend the model within the program. Alternatively, they can import their own CAD models.

When the user has designed a cell, the software can be used to simulate the machining process. Using graphical statistics alongside the simulation, the program can highlight any potential bottle-necks in production, helping to avoid problems that might occur when the actual cell is operational.

For system integrators, the software provides an ideal tool for demonstrating a cell to customers. Project engineers will also be able to minimize project risks by being able to select the optimum equipment and layout for an installation.

RobotStudio Machine Tending PowerPac is an extension of RobotStudio, ABB’s programming and simulation software, which enables users to perform tasks such as training, programming and configuration offline without disturbing production.

Built on ABB’s VirtualController platform, RobotStudio is an exact copy of the real software used to run ABB’s robots. This allows users to perform realistic simulations using robot programs and configuration files identical to those used on the factory floor.

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