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ABB launches a new series of general purpose medium voltage drives

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article image ACS2000 air-cooled general purpose AC drive

ABB Australia , the automation technology group has launched the new ACS2000 air-cooled general purpose AC drive. The ACS 2000 is specifically targeted at fan, pump, compressor and other common applications in industries such as water, cement, minerals and mining, metals, oil and gas, pulp and paper, power generation and chemical.

The AC drives are rated from 400 to 1,000 kVA in voltages up to 6.9 kV and is ideal for applications that do not require an engineered drive. The ACS 2000 is packed with innovative technology to meet industries challenges, such as the need for flexible line supply connections, lower harmonics, reduced energy consumption, static VAR compensation and easy installation and commissioning.


Reduced energy consumption - For minimal energy consumption, the AFE enables four-quadrant operation which feeds back braking energy into the line supply. 

Reactive power compensation - The AFE can also provide reactive power (VAR) compensation. With static VAR compensation, a smooth network voltage profile can be maintained and reactive power penalties can be avoided. 

Flexible line supply connections

Depending on the preference or the existing installation, the ACS 2000 AC drives can be used without an input isolation transformer, thereby allowing a direct connection to the line supply (direct-to-line), or it can be connected to an input isolation transformer.

With the direct-to-line arrangement, the user benefits from lower investment costs, as eliminating the transformer avoids a major capital outlay. The ACS 2000 AC drive also benefits from compact size and lighter weight compared to a drive requiring a transformer, as well as lower transportation costs and needs less space in the electrical room. Such compact size means the ACS 2000 AC drive can be retrofitted to control the speed of standard induction motors via a direct connection to a 6.0 – 6.9 kV line supply.

For applications where a voltage-matching input transformer is needed or galvanic isolation from the power supply is required, the ACS 2000 can be connected to a conventional two-winding oil or dry-type input isolation transformer.

Lower harmonics

With the integration of an Active Front End (AFE), line side harmonics are minimized without the use of expensive, specialized transformers and with the added benefit of four-quadrant operation and reactive power compensation.

The AFE provides a low harmonic signature which meets the requirements for current and voltage harmonic distortion stipulated in various standards. This avoids the need for harmonics analysis or the installation of network filters. 

Easy installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance - The direct-to-line technology results in quick and easy installation and commissioning as there is no transformer involved. Installing a medium voltage AC drive is easier through ABB’s “three in – three out” cabling concept. Simply disconnect the direct-on-line cable; connect the drive; and connect the drive to the motor.

The design of the ACS 2000, with its withdrawable phase modules, allows easy front access to all drive components and provides quick replacement resulting in industry leading Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

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