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ABB launches IRB 6620 compact spot welding robot

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ABB has launched compact spot welding robot, IRB 6620. The IRB 6620 robot opens up opportunities for new flexible and improved line concepts.

There is a trend for highly flexible concepts within the automotive manufacturing industry; part of the concept is that work pieces are being handled by, for instance, track motions that move them into the robot working area.

This creates new possibilities for reducing the size of the robot station. At the same time, there is a demand for greater model variety, shorter product life cycles and continuing ROCE (return on capital employed) pressure on the market.

According to ABB, its target was to develop a versatile spot welding robot on the market. IRB 6620 is compact and agile, and optimised for spot welding. IRB 6620 has been developed together with ABB’s major automotive customers and features a lot of customer values, such as compactness and agility, which still continue with traditional ABB trademarks such as collision resistance and low maintenance costs.

The unique compactness and agility of IRB 6620 makes it possible to mount the robot floor standing, inverted and in tilted positions. The low total weight of the robot, 900 kilos, makes it easy to install and handle without the need for heavy-lifting cranes.

IRB 6620 will also be an excellent tool for other applications like sand core handling and cutting as it can be mounted in an inverted position. Another example is that the robot’s low weight will be a great advantage in machine tending applications, where you often want to put the robot on top of a machine.

ABB expects this robot to be a high volume product in the automotive industry and a valuable player also in other industries like foundry, plastics and machine tooling.

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