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ABB introduces FAM540 Variable Area Flowmeter

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ABB, represented by ABB Australia , has released Variable Area Master FAM540. The FAM540 series is based on a modular system offering flowmeters with a simple indicator or including an advanced electronic transmitter.

The combination of the various models with the different indicators provides suitable flow solutions for each application.

The display delivers advantages like the simultaneous indication of flow and counter, the user-friendly menu-driven operation in clear text, the configurable switching output as well as the self-testing functionality for the simplified commissioning.

All indicators have improved instrument read out because the needle’s vibrations are substantially minimised. The comfortable operation through the graphical display allows a simple adjustment to changing operating conditions.

Externally the new instrument generation is immediately noticeable by the improved readability of the display with the 4 button operator keypad and new Ex-approvals.

Hidden behind these features is the ABB philosophy, to offer the user instrumentation products which provide a common and up-to-date interface for operating their pressure and temperature instruments as well as their flowmeters.

The intuitive operation is readily comparable to modern cell phones. The user can easily configure the flowmeter at the meter site without resorting to any written instructions.

This opens up the ability to adapt the instrument at the site for the specific application needs, such as changes in the operating conditions; fluid density, temperature and/or pressure. The function assigned to the integrated contact output (alarm status, pulse output) is controlled from the software.

The instantaneous flowrate and the totaliser values are simultaneously indicated on the 4-line graphic display. Instruments without a display, but with a current output, can be configured using HART Communication on a Handheld or DTM.

The proven advantages of the previous FAM5400 models including application based flow features (Multifloat-System), which regularly apply swirl reduction for damping the indicator noise or the wide temperature range limits remain intact.

The use of variable area flowmeters in industrial process measurement has been established for more than 70 years. Their measuring principle is both technically mature and cost-effective.  They feature high reproducibility and do not require an external power supply for measured value indication on site.

As a result, they are the appropriate solution for almost all applications involving the measurement of liquids, gases or steam. The FAM540 Variable Area Flowmeter is suitable for all the common applications in all industry sectors.

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