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article image ABB softstarters -- IT enabled.

ABB has launched a new range of IndustrialIT enabled 'push and play' softstarters named PST.

The PST range incorporates a number of advanced features including the latest power electronics with smart circuitry and software.

The range builds on ABB's extensive experience dating back to the early 1980s and has taken into account feedback from customers.

The new PST softstarter has an LCD display with four pushbuttons on the keypad and is as simple to operate as a mobile phone.

The display presents all the information needed for set-up, adjustments and troubleshooting. All information is shown in plain text and the user can choose between almost a dozen available languages.

Standard settings are available for many common applications such as pump, conveyor, mixer and crusher drives.

It is also very simple for a customer to tailor his own settings with start/stop profiles, sequence starting of up to three motors, advanced warning profiles and other specific functions.

In addition, the display is used to present the current status of the motor and an Event log, which lists the last 20 events, with time and date stamp.

PST incorporates an advanced electronic motor overload protection that can be set to four different tripping classes. It is also possible to set the overload protection so that one tripping class applies during the start-up and another one during continuous running.

Furthermore, the starter provides protection against locked rotor, phase imbalance, phase reversal, high current and underload. In addition the PST has its own built-in self-protection and fault detection.

PST has three output signal relays programmed to signal Run, Top of Ramp and Event. Each relay can be individually programmed for any of these functions. The Event function provides a series of protection, fault and warning signals that can be individually switched on and off.

Like the earlier PSS range, the PST softstarters can be connected either in line with the motor or inside the delta circuit of a motor like a star-delta starter.

Inside delta connection reduces the current loading of the starter by a factor of 1(3. PST automatically detects the connection mode, which means that no special settings are necessary.

PST has three communication modes: keypad, hard-wired and bus connection. Bus connection uses ABB's sophisticated FieldBusPlug, which ensures simple and quick connection to the bus.

The PST softstarter has a 'neutral', fieldbus-independent interface that facilitates its connection to any existing protocol within the FieldBusPlug range, such as Profibus DP and DeviceNet.

The PST softstarters are ABB Industrial IT enabled. As Industrial IT components they constitute 'building blocks' for use in larger systems and incorporate functionalities that permit seamless integration into real-time automation systems.

The largest sizes PSTB for 370 - 1050 A are provided with an integrated by-pass contactor as standard, which reduces power losses and saves costs.

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