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ABB develops Foundry Prime finishing protective system for robots

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ABB , the global power and automation technology group, has created a brand new protective system for robots working effectively against heat, wet and dirt without an extensive protective covering. The results of the formation are astonishing, and stand for substantial production progress in a so far not existing dimension.

First element of the pioneering development is the unique Foundry Prime finishing:

The Foundry Prime protection consists of several components generated especially for a long-life cycle of the robot even in extreme environments.

The robot itself is made up of anticorrosive parts and works with pressurised motors, purpose-built against permeation of humidity. Even the electronics are certainly protected against wetness. To secure the robot from the outside, it is protected with a 3 layer epoxy-painting extra for the aggressive surrounding of a cleaning cell.

So, the Foundry Prime protected robot withstands 100 % humidity and water vapour of a typical water jet cleaning application. In the specific application of water-jet cleaning with high humidity, the robot can operate at moderate speed, with a cleaning-bath temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

The second element which makes Foundry Prime unbeatable is that it enables an absolute new production concept, whereby different parts can be cleaned by only one cell-integrated robot. This saves time and money in a considerable scale and increases the productivity remarkably.

The idea is well thought-out:

Due to the fact that a special protection cover is not necessary, the robot with Foundry Prime protection is as flexible as a standard robot. The flexibility simplifies programming and enables the construction of significant smaller production cells, where many different parts can be cleaned by only one robot in the same cell. Thereby, substantial reprogramming for the conditioning of different parts or time consuming modification of the cell drops out. Only the programming of the robot control has to be adjusted to the changed geometry of the workpiece.

High-pressure treatments now can be carried out in different applications. The water jet cleaning application can be used for removing cooling and cutting oils after machine tool operation as well as for chip and flash removal after machining. This all means an ideal advance for production. Process optimisations and adjustments are finished in short time and with small effort.

The Foundry Prime protection enables the combination of proved cleaning processes, with the flexibility of a complete integrated 6-axes-robot in one production cell without additional protection covers, foils or shields which are vulnerable to attrition. Furthermore, this new system convinces by durability with low costs for maintenance and service.

Foundry Prime has been presented to the public with success at the exhibition parts2clean in Friedrichhafen, Germany in November 2006. So, Foundry Prime is yet another contribution to save time and money, and constitutes production facilitation for the customer.

Reliable technology, combined with innovation potential, is the foundation for the confidence of ABB customers in its products.

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