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ABB Australia to conduct seminar on Advanced Protection Coordination Method

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ABB Australia  will be organising a seminar on Advanced Protection Coordination Method. During this informative free seminar, local and international ABB product specialists will be on hand to explore the intricacies of one of the key challenges facing the industry that is Protection Selectivity.

In general, standard protection coordination methods are adequate, however in recent times a greater need for more advanced control in protection coordination has become evident. The seminar includes demonstration of various methods that can provide assistance for different applications.

Zone Selective Interlocking- In design situations, where discrimination cannot be achieved by normal means it is necessary to explore and utilise advances in alternate methods. This is one of the advanced methods for coordinating protections in Zone Selectivity. The seminar would cover topics such as how it works, applications and use, the protection features and advantages.

Early Fault Detection and Prevention or EFDP, developed by ABB SACE, is a technology available to moulded case circuit breakers offering both selectivity and trip speed. Due to the rapid fault detection and logic interlocking protocol, EFDP allows for greater safety and flexibility. This advancement in breaker selective technology, how it works, applications and practical examples, protection features and advantages, and how its implementation can reduce breaker sizes, therefore reducing cable/busbar/switchboard sizes and costs will be covered in the seminar.

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