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ABB Australia’s water-cooled motors and drives for Tugun desalination plant

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ABB Australia’s  water-cooled motors and drives have been selected to power a large-scale desalination plant on the Australian east coast.

Low harmonics, fast switching response, small footprint – and ABB Australia’s good reference list of energy-efficient solutions for desalination plants - were the reasons why.

ABB Australia is also supplying the low voltage drives for all the pump applications at the plant.

Launched in 2005, the ACS800 is a dedicated low harmonic drive - a complete, ready-to-install drive that eliminates the need for multi-pulse transformers or external filters and reduces current distortion to as little as 3%.

ABB Australia competed against several major global suppliers of motors and drives and was awarded the contract for ideal compliance with a diverse and demanding range of specifications and requirements that included low operating costs and fast delivery.

The customer, GCD Alliance, selected the ABB solution for the Tugun desalination plant on the Queensland Gold Coast, a large-scale desalination project along the entire Australian eastern seaboard. Tugun will provide 125 million litres a day of much-needed potable water to an area severely affected by drought.

The ABB solution of water-cooled motors and ACS 1000 water-cooled variable speed drives will power and control the reverse osmosis pumps and energy recovery booster pumps.

It was selected by the customer for the following reasons:

Low harmonic distortion – a low level of 3% harmonic distortion was stipulated by the electric utility to prevent grid disturbance in a densely populated and tourist-dependent area.

Fast switching response – the ACS 1000 is equipped with ABB Australia’s Direct Torque Control and a high-power IGCT (integrated gate commutated thyristor) semiconductor to give it by far a fast and accurate switching response; this is of crucial importance in reverse osmosis where the drives have to control the pumps accurately to keep the pressure of the water across the membranes constant.

Small footprint – ABB Australia was able to supply a compact water-cooled version of the ACS 1000; air-cooled drives require an air conditioning unit that requires additional space, consumes energy and increases operating costs.

High motor efficiencies, low noise levels, fast delivery – ABB Australia’s high voltage motors have high efficiencies and low noise levels. In addition, ABB Australia orchestrated its global manufacturing resources to meet the customer’s pressing delivery deadline.

ABB Australia has supplied desalination plants in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Americas with a broad range of products, systems and solutions ranging from motors and drives to instrumentation, distributed control systems, plant optimisation systems and electrical balance of plant for desalination power stations.

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