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ABB Australia’s HVDC smoothing reactors

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ABB Australia’s  high voltage direct current (HVDC) smoothing reactors are purpose built to reduce current ripples on the DC side of HDVC systems.

How the HVDC smoothing reactors work:

  1. the direct current that comes from the rectifier in the DC system has superimposed harmonic components (known as ripples)
  2. the smoothing reactor is connected in series with the rectifier and the whole load current flows through the connected device
  3. the purpose of the connected device is to provide high impedance to the flow of the ripples, reduce their magnitude and thus making the DC current smoother

The key benefit of ABB’s HVDC smoothing reactors are that they are oil immersed making them suitable for a range of HVDC applications. 

ABB also supplies several different sizes for its smoothing reactors up to the largest one needed in HVDC lines for the transmission of high power and high voltage levels. 

Smoothing reactors in HVDC systems often vary in sizes, so the different sizes provided by ABB is beneficial. 

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