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ABB Australia releases new machine tending robots

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ABB Australia’s  IRB6600 robot family has become bigger and better, with new generation of robots optimised for the tending of machines from 600 to 5000 tons, both floor mounted and shelf mounted.

The new IRB6620 series is a compact machine-tending robot that provides ever more flexible and improved cell concepts.

The unique compactness and agility of IRB6620 makes it possible to mount the robot in floor standing, inverted or tilted positions.

The low total weight of the robot, 900 kg, makes it easy to install and handle without the need for heavy lifting cranes to mount the robot on top of a machine. The robot’s low weight is a great advantage in applications where the robot should be on top of a machine.

The IRB6620 is a top tool for applications like material handling and cutting, as it can be mounted in an inverted position. The IRB6620 shelf is optimised for machines in the range 600-100 tons.

The new IRB6640 series is a new high performance generation of ABB industrial robot optimised for machine-tending and other applications. It comes in different lengths of the arm and matching handling capacities, ranging between 130 to 235 kg and with a reach of up to 3.2m.

The maximum payload is 235 kg, making the robot suitable for heavy material handling applications. The robot also has good inertia capabilities, so it can handle not only heavy but wide parts.

The robot is optimised for floor-mounted machine tending for machines 1000 to 3000 tons. As the robot can bend fully backwards, the working range is greatly extended and the robot fits well into densely packed production cells.

The new IRB6660 series is a fast machine-tending robot. Designed for high productivity, uptime and accuracy, the new robot is perfect for press tending applications. It is also ideal for general machine tending, such as injection moulding that requires minimized extraction times.

The IRB6660 can reduce machine occupation time for part extraction with its improved speed performance. The most critical robot axes have been enhanced according to typical interpress cycle requirements which mean 15% shorter cycle times can be achieved inside the presses.

The maximum load for the robot is 130 kg, the maximum working range is 3.1m, ideal for machines in the range of 1000-3000 tons.

The ABB RobotWare 5.10 is available throughout Australia from ABB Certified Robot Partners.

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