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ABB Australia launches Electronic Position Switches

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ABB Australia, the world leading power and automation technology group, has launched EPS, Electronic Position Switches, and part of the new generation of robot safety from the industrial robot manufacturer.

EPS is a replacement for traditional mechanical position switches. Electronic switches resolve problems like soiling which were experienced with the former mechanical solution, consisting of cams and switches.

The electronic solution leads to a system that is much easier to install. When replacing a mechanical unit, there is no need to adjust the mechanical switches as the EPS is already in place in the cabinet.

“With EPS we have a fully electronic solution that is easy to set up and fine tune and that will reduce the total system cost due to its increased flexibility, faster commissioning and reduced maintenance.

You avoid mechanical problems with switches that age and wear out with time,” says Paul Gekas, Division Manager, ABB Australia.

The new switches are flexible, robust and maintenance free. Electronic switches also contribute to a more compact robot design. In the new electronic switches, space is saved that previously was occupied by bulky cables and mechanical switches.

The new generation of robot safety will be complete when SafeMove is launched. SafeMove provides a host of powerful tools for monitoring robot motion like stand-still supervision, speed limitation and restrictions with respect to arbitrary geometrical zones.

“With EPS and SafeMove, ABB will enable a new secure and lean cell concept for the market,” says Paul Gekas.

The adage “the higher the fence, the better the safety" is no longer true. The new generation of safety concepts opens up opportunities for new safety thinking within the manufacturing industry.

SafeMove: New safety concept from ABB that eliminates the need for traditional safety enclosures. SafeMove software encourages new workplace configurations that allow man and machine to work closer together, safely.

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