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Valve and pipefitting components from AAP Industries

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AAP Industries  manufactures valve, pipefitting and galvanised steel fitting equipment and offers high quality engineered precision equipment in steel, brass, aluminium and stainless steel materials. AAP Industries offers about 50 automatic lathes with up to 90mm capacity to meet a wide range of requirements.

AAP Industries offers a wide variety of valves such as actuators, AGA, gas ball valve, general purpose gate valve, bronze globe valve, butterfly valve, Europa heck valve, landing valve, stainless steel knife gate valve, tested gate valve, brass flange gate valve, brass swing check valve, lugged butterfly valve, wafer check valve, York check valve, Dr brass ball valve, class 125 Non-Rising Stem, class 125 Rising Stem, Y Strainer and actuators accessories.

Range of black and galvanised steel fitting from AAP Industries includes Black Steel Backnuts, Black Steel Bevel Bend 90 Degrees, Black Steel Bushes, Black Steel Caps, Black Steel Cross, Black Steel FF Elbow, Black Steel Half Socket, Black Steel MF Elbow, Black Steel MM Bend 45 Degrees, Black Steel MM Bend 90 Degrees, Black Steel Nipples, Black Steel Plug, Black Steel Reducing Nipples, Black Steel Reducing Socket, Black Steel Reducing Tee, Black Steel Shaft Collars, Black Steel Socket, Black Steel Square Head Plug and Black Steel Tee.

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