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Slimline water tanks and accessories from AAA Poly Tanks

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AAA Poly Tanks  supplies water tanks, troughs, pools and ponds in various size and configurations. Slimline water tanks features a brass-nickle plated ballvalve, a stainless meshed strainer, brass outlet and a stainless meshed overflow. Slimline water tanks are available from 250 litres to 3000 litres while the tank weight ranges from 32 kilograms to 110 kilograms. Slimline water tanks are available in mist green, wheat, beige, smooth cream colours.

AAA Poly Tanks supplies troughs which features an outlet and are available in black colour. Customised colours are also available.

AAA Poly Tanks also offers water tank accessories and fittings such as signs, water tank gauge metres, tanksacks, pump covers and strainers. Signs are ideal to be used on fences and under the letter boxes of homes and offices.

Water tank gauge and meter is a fool proof device which is used to read out the level of the water in centimetres while Tanksacks are used in the place of existing strainer and helps in filtering of small dust and particles.

Pump covers are used to cover the pumps and guards against external elements and helps in prolonging the life of the pump. Strainers and strainer covers are UV protected products which gives extreme long life to the water tanks. Other accessories from AAA Poly Tanks includes ballvalves, outlet and brass taps.

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