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Bin Hire and Rubbish Removal Services from A1 Cheapest Rubbish Removals

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A1 Cheapest Rubbish Removals  is a specialist provider of economical rubbish removal services.  

Choosing a bin hire company and knowing exactly what size bin to order is not always easy.

Getting the correct bin size to match specific requirements is important; otherwise one may end up with the wrong bin size, which is a waste of money.

The volume of rubbish can be simply calculated with the formula: Length of the rubbish pile x Width of the rubbish pile x Height of the rubbish pile.  

Bulky items such as cupboards, drawers, bookshelves and desks must be broken down.

A few tips to keep bin hire costs low: 

  • Shop around for the best rates while midweek hire can sometimes be cheaper
  • Place the hire bin on the property rather than on the street as the latter may incur additional council fees
  • Bins left on the street will be filled by neighbours and passing pedestrians leaving the person who hired the bin to pay the bill
  • Always follow bin hire instructions such as avoiding overfilling the bin or only including permitted items in the bin to avoid fines  
  • If non-permitted items are included in the bins, in addition to incurring penalties, the load will be returned to the individual
  • Bin hire companies may incur hefty fines for unsafe and overfilled loads
  • Use the services of a hands-on rubbish removal company

A primary advantage of using the services of rubbish removal companies is that they take the guesswork out of ordering bins. One can even get the rubbish loaded at no extra charge.  

Rubbish removal services from A1 Cheapest Rubbish Removals comprise of site visits, assessment of rubbish quantity and removal.  

A1 Cheapest Rubbish Removals charges by the metre and customers pay only for what is carted away.  

Rubbish is also loaded on the truck free of charge if it is in an easily accessible area.

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