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Electric and electronic test metres from A and M Enterprises

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A and M Enterprises  offers a wide range of measurement control solution. A and M Enterprises supplies electric test metres in a diverse range which includes cable tester and identifies, voltage continuity tester, capacitance decade box, direct current metre, insulation tester, insulation tester hard cased, ACA leakage tester, ACA leakage tester, Watt metre, power analyser with interface, economy power analyser, alternative and direct current fork current testers, LAN cable tester for Cat5 cables, Milliohm metre, resistance decade box, phase rotation tester, motor rotation and three phase tester, etc.

A and M Enterprises supplies a diverse range of electronic test metres which includes capacitance metre, EMF tester – Electromagnetic field, Electromagnetic field tester, frequency counter, function generator, colour analyser, LCR metre, vibration metre, etc.

Hygrometer from A and M Enterprises is used for measuring the humidity and content of the water vapour present in gas or air. A and M Enterprises offers light metres which are made available in various categories which includes light, lux, combination, ultra violet light, etc. Light metres are made available as four in one anemometer, light metre, hygrometer, thermometer, lux metre, light adaptor, pocket ultra violet light metre, light metre high precision, light metre, bar graph LCD in five ranges.

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