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article image AMD blocked chute switch.

A&M Controls has released the new AMD 120 DIP blocked chute switch for applications on conveyors, elevators and drop chutes.

The new stainless steel face flange also opens up applications for a level switch on slurry tanks in the mining, manufacturing and sewerage industry where a flush mounted non-intrusive type switch is required.

The AMD 120 DIP is a very rugged and reliable switch which will operate on most applications in the grain, quarry mining, power and materials handling industries as a blocked chute switch or level switch.

Other advantages are that it will operate on any control voltage and is a simple on/off, 2-wire system which does not require a power supply, motor circuit or extra fittings.

Designed for use on free flowing materials at atmospheric pressure, the AMD 120 DIP can eliminate spillage and expensive cleanups in cases of bin overflow or conveying blockages.


* Certified IP65 T6 DIP AUS Ex 3677.

* Aluminium casting.

* Faceflange is 304 stainless steel.

* Fully gasketed - it is both weather and dust proof.

* Hard wearing diaphragm.

* Temperature to 110ºC.

* Two wire circuit N/O or N/C SPDT.

* Voltage 12V to 240V. Rated 2 amps.

* Sensitivity adjustment.

* Electrical conduit entry - 20mm.

* Mounting is 6 x 6mm on 154 PCD.

* Bin cutout is 110mm.

* Shipping weight is 1.25kg.

For details of applications see www.amcontrols.com.

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