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Sales and Operation planning services available from A Turnkey Solution

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 “A TurnKey Solution ” is a customer centric organisation that specialises in supply chain optimisation by integrating demand management, inventory management, and warehouse management systems. Sales and Operation planning services in the manufacturing environment are also one of the various areas of expertise of the company.

In a manufacturing organisation, optimisation is achieved through the integration of demand planning, supply planning and manufacturing planning under the framework of  “Sales and Operations Planning”.

“A TurnKey Solution”  Sales and Operation Planning services aim to synchronise the rate of production and distribution with consumption. In doing so, the core business functions through the S&OP process, management teams can make decisions from “One set of numbers” and establish a clear direction for the business.

The following are core functions in a typical manufacturing business which need synchronisation:

  • Sales & Marketing - Aggregate sales plan, Key accounts, Territories and countries.
  • New Product Development - New product development plans, detailed plans and milestones.
  • Supply Chain - Production plan, Master schedules, Inventory plan and Raw material schedules.
  • Finance - Data integrity, simplified reporting and accounting, Capital expenditure plans.
  • Human Resource - People and skills requirements, recruitment and training plans.
“A TurnKey Solution”  Sales and Operation Planning begins with the collection of forecast data typically by sales, marketing or customer for standard lines, new product lines or promotional lines. The data is validated and cleaned to achieve the highest level of integrity before the demand planning process commences.

The data received plus an analysis of historical sales are used as a baseline for the development of a forecast where performance is measured to understand actual v plan for previous period. After further analysis of customers’ forecast, netting off inventory, a final demand plan is produced and locked in. 

A Gross Distribution requirements plan is generated which will produce a supply requirement for finished goods and raw materials based on a review of historical performance of both supply and manufacturing. 

The plan is finally reviewed at a macro level to understand the performance of key areas, namely sales, inventory, production, and finance by reviewing previous periods against this new projection which is typically presented in monthly buckets for a rolling 6 month timeframe into the future.

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