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Material handling products from A Plus Plastics

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A Plus Plastics ’ Clear Range plastic containers are made of food-grade polymers, which are designed to provide clarity to see through the contents packed in it. This design is regarded to be user friendly. A Plus Palstics’ containers are produced in various sizes and shapes.

Other material handling products from A Plus Plastics include collapsible crates or Smart Crates. These crates are marketed under the AP 64 series and possess features such as high cube utilisation and high return ratio. The corners and columns of these crates possess high strength and contain reinforced vertical walls, rendering them extremely durable and low on maintenance expenses.

The AP 4 range of crates from A Plus Plastics are multipurpose crates applicable for a wide range of industries such as small goods manufacturing, material handling, engineering, automotive and warehousing, to name a few.
A Plus Plastics produces other  products used for agricultural purposes. A Plus Plastics’ Eclipse range of office stationery includes document trays, business card holders, magazine holders, calendar stands, pencil cups, CD disk boxes, CD wallets, CD racks, paper palaces and waste baskets.

These products are manufactured by Eclipse Stationery and Office Products using plastic injection moulding systems under the brand name Eclipse Stationery.

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