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Power monitors and power supplies from A-P Controls

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A-P Controls  offers different models of power monitors including line synchronization module and portable power monitor. The portable power monitor supplied by A-P Controls provides superior functionality and accuracy. It is light weighted, rugged and self contained.

The line synchronization module offered by A-P Controls is an integrated and specialized power generation control system. This module aids in increasing generator’s performance and reduces the complexity of conventional technology.

A-P Controls distributes power monitor 3000 which is a compact monitor that aids in providing consumers with harmonics analysis and real time power quality data. A-P Controls supplies varieties of push buttons including 22mm push button, touch button, 30mm push button and 800c pendant stations.

The 22mm push button provides unparalleled quality and flexibility whereas 30mm push buttons can meet the requirements of toughest industrial environment.

The touch buttons offered by A-P Controls have a sensor that register the operators touch and immediately initiates the operation. A-P Controls provides wide range of environmental sensors including room humidity and temperature transmitter which are used for variety of applications including air conditioning, heating and ventilation.

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