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Automation solutions and safety mats from A-P Controls

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A-P Controls  is a supplier of automation devices and systems to industrial, manufacturing and electrical industries. A-P Controls offer wide range of automation solutions ranging from simple electrical components to programmable and sophisticated control systems.

A-P Controls focus is to supply the high level technical support and service to the customers. A-P Controls is a distributor of an entire gamut of products including safety floor mats, power monitors, sensors, safety relays and switches, safety light curtains, cord sets, printers, cables, pneumatic valves and industrial network communications to name a few.

A-P Controls supplies MatGuard safety mat which is a sensitive safeguarding product specifically designed to sense the presence of people. The safety mat has two hard steel plates which are resistant to circuit fall.

The MatGuard safety mat controller offered by A-P Controls is designed to ensure control redundancy. This controller is used to detect an open circuit, a short circuit or any type of presence on the mat.

A-P Controls distributes GuardEdge sensitive edge profiles used for various applications including guided moving vehicles, power operated doors and moving machinery bed. The sensitive edge controllers aid in providing a low voltage to the profile and have two output relays.

A-P Controls provides all purpose switched mode of power supplies that accepts both DC and AC input voltages. The power supplies offered by A-P Controls have a reliable design, reserve power and load response, leading edge technology and parallel connection.

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