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THE Autopol V Polarimeter from A.L.P.E. is 21CFR part 11 compliant, and features Temptrol electronic heating and cooling, six standard wavelengths and a touch panel user interface.

The Autopol V Automatic Polarimeter is Rudolph's top of the line six wavelength polarimeter specifically designed with the input of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

It is designed for use in FDA regulated pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cGMP/GLP laboratories.

This unit comes standard with 21CFR11 software and Rudolph's Patented TempTrol System, which electronically heats and cools the sample to a specified temperature without the use of water circulation.

This unit includes all wavelengths necessary to measure 99% of all monographs found in the USP, EP, JP and BP. IQOQ (Installation Quality Operation Quality) documentation.

The TempTrol System allows push-button temperature control of every TempTrol100mm cell, 200mm cell or Quartz Control Plate.

The user can set the temperature, push "measure" and walk away. The AutopoL V will heat or cool to a predefined temperature and then provide the result, all in one easy step.

The TempTrol System will accurately control sample temperatures to within ±0.2°C.

The AUTOPOL V Polarimeter comes standard with six wavelengths: 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm, 633nm. Wavelength selection is completely automatic and is accomplished by the push of a button. There are no lamps or filters to manually remove or insert.

The tungsten-halogen lamp employed in the Autopol V Polarimeter is a compact, reliable, low-cost, high intensity light source that allows any desired wavelength in the visible spectrum to be selected by means of a narrow band multilayer interference filter.

The Autopol standard 10nm bandwidth is specified to permit high energy throughput and sensitivity for sample transmittances of only 0.01 % (O. D. = 4), while minimising the effects of sample ORD and colour.

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