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Rotary Evaporator range available from A.L.P.E.

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Rotary Evaporator range extends from bench top Rotary Evaporators up to large scale Rotary Evaporators.

Safety features:

  • Anti-Implosion Plastic coated Safety Glassware (Optional: Cooler and Collecting flask)
  • Safety Protective Hood: Forms a single block with the Rotary Evaporator providing the user with the necessary protection from the breakage of glass parts during vacuum evaporation process
  • Polycarbonate Shield: Guarantees maximum transparency and safe working conditions
  • Vacuum and Solvent Tight Seal Exclusive mechanical sealing system forms a vacuum tight seal with no use of gaskets and also prevent solvent from leaking into working environment. No maintenance needed
  • Shielded thermostatic bath: encased thermostatic heating bath with shield which inhibits user contact
  • Safety device with automatic block of the evaporation flask when the protective shield is lifted. A specially designed electronic safety mechanism prevents flask rotation when the protective shield lifts. (In compliance with the CE directives regarding equipment construction wich requires all moving parts of an instrument to be provided with suitable shielding for safe operation)
  • An automatic mechanical lifting mechanism on the Rotary Evaporator raises the glassware-motor group and protective shield, which are interconnected forming a single unit so that they are raised together as a single block (Manual lifting can be carried out case of malfunction of the lifting device).
  • The Rotary Evaporator has a Microprocessor controlled digital set-up and display of the temperature of the heating bath ranging from 0 to 100°C, +/- 0,2°C accuracy, +/- 1°C readings (Optional version with oil bath can reach 160°C temperature)
  • Microprocessor controlled digital setup and display of the evaporation flask rotation speed ranging from 0 to 200 RPM and can be set with 1 RPM accuracy
  • Sensor for Vacuum level display reading in mbar (Optional)
  • Sensor for condensing steam temperature display reading (Optional)
  • Standard RS 232 serial port makes it possible to link up the instrument to a PC or printer for operating data memorization in compliance with GLP
  • The large dimensions of the Bath (240mm D, 150mmH) permit the use of evaporation flasks with 5 50 ml-3000ml capacity
  • Overall dimension: 555mm Lx 385mm W x 685mm H. Net Weight: 38.0 Kg
  • Programming: Language, user's name, type of product, bath temperature, heating exclusion option, pre-heating option, RPM Setup and regulation, time setup and regulation, data setup and regulation, baud rate, Process time given in minutes and identification code

Rotary Evaporator range is available from A.L.P.E.

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