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Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine available from A.L.P.E

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Test method:

The portable remaining useful life evaluation routine (RULER) instrument measures the oxidative resistance levels of mineral and synthetic hydrocarbon oils, ester-based and biodegradable oils.

Utilising voltammetric techniques, the RULER quantitatively analyses the relative concentrations of antioxidants in new and used oils in order to monitor the depletion rates of the antioxidant protection package in the oil.

The RULER available from A.L.P.E can be used proactively in order to determine proper oil change intervals and to extend oil change intervals through timely antioxidant additive replenishments.

In addition, the RULER can be used to quantify antioxidant levels of incoming and stored oil supplies and to detect abnormal operating conditions prior to equipment failure signalled by abrupt antioxidant depletion rates.

Features and benefits:

Patented electrochemical measurement technique

Conforms to ASTM D6810 and D6971

Compact and completely portable hand-held unit

Windows CE-based simple touch screen operation

Durable for use in harsh and industrial environments

320 x 240 pixel LCD backlit touch screen with automatic contrast

Stores over 100 tests in memory

Quick data communication and downloading laptop and desktop computers

Integrated charge status/low-battery indicator with intelligent fast charge

Long-life lithium-ion battery with power backup

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