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Refractometer for pharmaceutical analysis

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DESIGNED to comply with some of the strictest, most demanding requirements in the modern analytical laboratory, The J357 Automatic Refractometer from A.L.P.E. is designed for pharmaceutical analysis in a highly regulated laboratory, as well as meeting the 100°C temperature requirement of the petroleum industry.

The J357's measurement range of 1.29 to 1.70 gives the J357 the unique ability to measure those pharmaceuticals below 1.30RI. For pharmaceutical users, this means one refractometer which can measure EVERY material in the USP, EP, BP and JP.

No matter how accurate a refractometer is when it leaves the factory it will only stay accurate if the measurement area is kept clean. All Rudolph Automatic Refractometers have a flat prism area with no awkward corners or narrow wells that trap sample and lead to inaccurate readings and operator frustration.

The J357 electronic temperature control means:

* A significant savings on bench space because the water bath is eliminated.

* Integrated temperature control where the instrument knows when to measure and records both the Refractive Index measurement and the temperature.

* Hot liquid from a bath can present a significant danger in the event of a split hose; the J357 doesn't use liquid and thereby eliminates this risk. Eliminating the water bath removes the most maintenance intensive part of a Refractometer. Water baths need to be regularly filled, dosed with algaecide and cleaned.

*The product boasts traceability and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.

* All measurements are made automatically, which eliminates the need for operator judgment.

* Calibration with fluids traceable to NIST and calibration data securely stored and available for review.

* Temperature can be calibrated against a traceable thermometer.

* Operator Traceability, full 21 CFR Part 11 compliant password system

*Verification step with electronic signature.

The J357 is suitable for a range of high demand environments

* Petroleum Laboratories where the J357's ability to measure at up to 100ºC without a water bath makes the instrument ideal for ASTM D1218, D1747 and D5006.

* Research Laboratories where the wide range and high accuracy of the J357 means researchers have the maximum chance of measuring newly synthesised products.

* Central Research and Reference Laboratories where to have the most accurate results available for setting standards for an organisation or a country are needed.

Chemical Laboratories can measure more viscous products with a level of accuracy previously available only in narrow range food instruments.

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