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THE Autopol III Automatic Polarimeter from A.L.P.E. is Rudolph's entry-level pharmaceutical and research grade polarimeter which has a ±0.002 degrees Optical Rotation accuracy for rotations up to 1° Arc.

This polarimeter comes standard with two wavelengths: 589nm and 546nm and will pass an FDA inspection with the appropriate water bath to control temperature. IQOQ documentation is included with the instrument.

Features include:

* Measures Optical Rotation, Specific Rotation, Concentration, and °Z (ISS) Sugar Degrees

* Resolution: 0.001° Arc Optical Rotation

* Accuracy: 0.002° Arc up to 1°, 0.2% above 1°

* Simple touch panel user interface

* Built in temperature probe

* RS232 and parallel ports standard

* Entry level dual wavelength Pharmaceutical and Research grade polarimeter.

The Autopol III comes standard with one of the three different Accessory Packages. Each Package includes a NIST Traceable Calibration Standard and Certificate, two Tungsten Halogen Lightsource lamps and an alignment target, but different cell configurations.

Accessory Package A includes one 100mm, 6ml glass center fill cell and one 100mm, 6ml glass center fill stainless steel jacketed cell. This is A.L.P.E.’s most popular package, as cell windows can be removed and cleaned to avoid sample residue build up. All cells in this package are compatible with acids.

Accessory Package B includes one 50mm glass jacketed fixed end cell and one 100mm glass center fill cell with removable windows. Fused end cells avoid improper assembly by untrained users, but are very fragile and difficult to clean. All cells in this package are compatible with acids.

Accessory Package C is designed for small volume and durability and is very popular with universities. Each cell has a lifetime warranty against breakage, is easily filled and cell windows can be removed, cleaned and replaced if necessary.

Cells are available in 50mm, 100mm and 200mm length versions. Cell volumes range from 0.5ml to 15ml.

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