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New version universal dissolution tester from A.L.P.E

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article image UDT-804A universal dissolution tester

The UDT-804A universal dissolution tester available from A.L.P.E is a new dissolution tester, built and designed to operate continuously. This model has an 8-vessel design allowing for the use of two additional vessels for blank, standard, or media replacement.

With the password protection function provided by UDT-804A, lab technicians will not be able to edit any programs without the management’s approval.

The new 5” X 4” LCD display is the attractive feature in the UDT-804A that captures the attention of end users; it also indicates the test status in detail.

The new built-in heater-circulator design not only saves bench space, but also includes special safety capabilities to ensure optimal performance.

The UDT-804A intelligent features include shutting off the circulating pump when no heat is being applied; also the heater has a time delay function to avoid dry heating.

The new improvements in safety control include an auto shut down, and auto reset. These functions shut off the system when the temperature is over the protection limit, and automatically resets the system when the temperature cools down to a safe range.

Speed of the shafts are controlled by a double optical feed back loop ensuring they all have a rotation speed within ±1 RPM of the set point. This ensures that all tablets dissolve at true and equal speed in all vessels. This data is also printed out on the printer.

The motor and pump in the UDT-804A are isolated with vibration mounts. This design eliminates source of vibration to ensure the dissolution test meets USP requirements.

The temperature control system is based on self-calibration. The user simply calibrates the UDT-804A with certified temperature thermometer at 37º C. Once UDT-804A detects the temperature, it constantly self adjusts during the dissolution test. This ensures that all tablets dissolve at true and equal temperature, it also indicates the data on the printer.

The height adjustment for the paddle and basket are set electronically. Also, the USP calibration balls are provided for height validation.

The UDT-804A drive head can be raised or lowered by a touch of a keypad– there is no need to manually push up or pull down the dissolution head. The motorise lift is safe and much easier to operate.

The UDT-804A has the timer to start the heater/circulator, this function is to pre-heat the bath for the fastest start of the dissolution testing.

USP requests dissolution calibration (physical/calibrators) every 6 month, the UDT-804A has the ability to remind the user for this task. The reminder alerts the user 2 weeks before the calibration due day, this is to help users follow the USP guidelines.

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