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New version automated disintegration tester available from A.L.P.E

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article image Logan DST-3 automated disintegration tester

The Logan DST-3 automated disintegration tester available from A.L.P.E is designed for USP required testing of the disintegration time threshold for solid dosage products.

The disintegration tester uses a programmable microprocessor to control the temperature and time, the simple baskets layout makes this DST-3 easy to operate and monitor the test result.

Small footprint:

The DST-3 disintegration tester uses small space to maximum the number of the baskets, the 3 baskets system is standard. 4 and 6 baskets system can be ordered by the user request

QDK design (quick drop design):

As per USP guideline, the basket shaft must inline with the dip shaft.

The DST-3 baskets hook on the dip shaft by centre of the gravity and secured by a thumbscrew.

The QDK design is a quick drop knob mounted on the basket-holding arm, which holds the basket above the water level to keep the samples dry.

Just by easy pull, the loaded basket would drop into beaker automatically. This design also compliance with USP guideline, all the baskets must drop into media within few seconds for the test.

Audible end of run signal:

User able to program a test time up to 24 hours, there is no need for user to hold a watch stand beside this unit to count down test time.

The DST-3 has a built-in timer to automatically count down the test time, not only that the DST-3 has the built-in alert system that provide audio signal at 2 minutes before the end of the test. This is to call the users to check the pass or fail result.

Height adjustment kit:

As per USP guidelines of disintegration test, the sample must lower to 25mm above bottom of the beaker and then raise up to 25mm under the media level. Such measurements are very difficult to control, a standard ruler just can not achieve such tasks. The DST-3 provided a set of special height adjustment kit, which able to set both height by few simple steps.

Built-in timer:

The disintegration time is an important element related to the test result, users must count down the time by a hand held timer for the traditional disintegration testers. The DST-3 provided a built-in timer which able to count down or timing the test time automatically.

Built-in temperature sensor:

As per USP disintegration test guidelines, the temperature must keep at 37 = /- .5° C.

From a tradition disintegration tester, users must check the temperature by an external thermometer frequently. Logan DST-3 has a built-in temperature sensor that constantly reports the temperature.

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