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New handheld NIR material analyser available from A.L.P.E

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article image Polychromix Phazir Rx handheld NIR material analyser

The Polychromix Phazir Rx is a handheld NIR material analyser engineered to provide an innovative solution for portable raw material identification testing and at-line process monitoring applications for the pharmaceutical industry.

Near infrared has never been this portable and this easy. Just select the application, point and shoot and see the results in seconds.

Designed for the expert and non-technical user alike, the Phazir Rx unleashes the power of near-infrared spectroscopy enabling real time, on-site analysis with minimal training.

Validation Phazir Rx was designed with modern good laboratory practices and regulatory compliance requirements in mind.

The Phazir Rx compliance system includes 21 CFR part 11 electronics records and signatures, comprehensive IQ/OQ/PQ procedures and support for traceable standards.

Phazir Rx available from A.L.P.E provides system administrators with the necessary multi-level user permission controls to ensure system security.

Phazir Rx has built-in self diagnostics including system qualification checks based on USP 1119 NIR qualification protocol.

The Phazir Rx GLP features monitors scheduled OQ/PQ test intervals, guides the operator through qualification processes thus ensuring complete confidence in every result.

Method and method generation:

A comprehend-sive raw material library is available for Phazir Rx so you can use the system right away or build your own custom library.

The Polychromix Phazir Rx method generator software makes NIR method generation easier than ever. Method libraries can be extended for new materials in just a few easy clicks. Methods can also be generated using Camo’s unscrambler software.

Robustness Phazir Rx: was engineered as a robust industrial strength analytical testing tool with proven reliability successfully performing millions of analysis in harsh environments.

Phazir is designed to go were you need it including laboratories, loading docks, warehouses, and even onto your manufacturing floor.

Optional accessories optional Phazir Rx accessories include a holster, spare batteries, liquid vial sampling adapter, solids vial adapter. IQ/OQ/PQ manual, training and validation qualification services.

Reports, archive and LIMS compatibility:

Phazir Rx is a high performance NIR system with typical analysis time of about 2 – 3. Results are instantaneously displayed to the user on the color LCD display. Phazir Rx also logs records in an integrated database.

Users can connect to the USB port in order to generate printed reports or to upload records from the Phazir database to LIMS system or data archiving networks.

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