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Logan RRT-7 release rate tester from A.L.P.E

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The Logan RRT-7 release rate tester available from A.L.P.E is the new USP 7 apparatus for dissolution release rate testing required by the USP. This 24 test tubes release rate tester is designed for easy and continuous operation.

The RRT-7 release rate tester features heated carrousels instead of a traditional water bath, as well as a rotational carrousel system to replace a traditional row-to-row device.

The design of the RRT-7 release rate tester features a system of two carrousels, each carrousel contained 24 tubes.

The carrousel allows 12 test tubes for testing and 12 test tubes that prepare for the next test when the carrousel rotates. This layout allows a total of 24 tubes to be tested at the same time.

Samples can be drawn from the test tubes during the test or after the test is complete. In addition, the shafts for each type of sample-holder are identical so that all sample-holders are interchangeable.

The interchangeable sample holders make simple to change the test methods.

The RRT-7 features a touch-screen display, a colourful and user-friendly interface, which makes the programming easy.

The motion control is totally digitalised; this makes the system accurate in terms of dip speed control and timing. This release rate tester can be networked and controlled or monitored remotely.

To prevent temperature hazards, the carrousels include an automatic safety shut-off switch, which turns off the heating system as soon as the temperature rises above the safety limit.

Several options are available for the Logan RRT-7, including the automated tube-cleaning/filling system, and an automated sampler to collect samples or further transfer to the HPLC as online analysis system. A media reservoir tank that allows the system to run non-stop is also available.

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