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article image Surfaces treated with stainless steel

MINIPRESS is Riva´s smallest tablet press. Being a table top eccentric single punch press, it is ideal for small batch production or for galenic research and development work. Available from A.L.P.E. , it was designed according to cGMP standards, with surfaces treated with hard chrome and/or stainless steel, quality AISI 316.

The Tablet Press is made of different structural elements.

1. Machine body

The machine body consists of the frame, the outward covers as well as of the doors of the pressing area. The outward covers and the doors are made of stainless steel, and two detachable acrylic doors in the compression area interconnected for safety. The different parts of the machine body are constructed in hard chromium coated steel and can be easily cleaned. Simple mechanisms and the use of quick disconnects for mechanical and electrical components make the press easy to maintain and keep in operation.

2. The pressing system

The pressing device consists of an eccentric disc, and the fixing device for the upper punch, the die table and the fixing device for the lower punch.

Adjusting the powder volume, which is filled into the die, will influence the pressing force. The max pressing force of the eccentric press is 6 tons. The thickness is adjusted by adjusting the upper punch penetration.

Maximum tablet diameter 24 mm maximum dimensions for shape tooling 25 x 10 mm, maximum fill depth 18 mm.

3. The drive

By means of an electric motor whose speed can be adjusted by means of a frequency inverter.

4. The controls

The product uses a conventional control system. The starting commands are switched with the help of relays. An emergency stop button is fitted to stop the machine immediately.

5. The filling system

The die filling is done by a mechanical filling shoe, which is run by cams. This filling shoe is filled from the hopper, which is provided with a quick disconnecting device for fast and easy changeover and cleaning. The speed of the filling cycle depends on the size of the tablet as well as the type of powder.

6. Lubrication

The machine is fitted with lubrication nipple- this process has to be repeated according to the maintenance instructions.

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