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Simple to use SV viscometer

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article image Viscosity test in 15 seconds.

FEATURING vibrating probe technology, the SV Series of viscometers from A&D Mercury is able to test a wide range of both Newtonian and Non Newtonian materials.

The vibrational method, which causes no disturbance or agitation to the test sample, is ideal for materials such as carbonated fluids and also material with a particle component.

Using a single measurement probe for the entire measurement range, the SV is particularly simple to use even for the untrained operator.

With a viscosity test result within 15 seconds and an accuracy of 1% of the actual reading, the SV provides an highly accurate result in a very short time period.

A sample size of 35ml means product wastage is kept to a minimum when testing viscosity.

The tower format allows for maximum flexibility of the measurement head position whether on the fully adjustable measurement table or directly into the container containing the material to be tested.

WinCT Viscosity Software which shows product viscosity logged against temperature, in real time, and a product performance graph able to be saved as an individual product file, is supplied as standard with the SV series.

Test data is supplied to this software via the standard RS232 data port on the SV.

Available in two capacities, the SV10 with a range of 10,000mpa/s and the SV100 measuring up to 100,000mpa/s the SV is able to meet almost every viscosity test requirement.

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