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SV-A series Vibro viscometers from A&D Australasia

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Available now, the easy to operate SV-A series of viscometers is the latest addition to A&D Australasia 's range of Sine Wave Vibro Viscometers, producing highly accurate results in faster testing times.

The SV-1A viscometer requires only a very small sample volume, Requiring only 2ml, users do not waste product on samples allowing them to keep costs down.

SV-A series viscometers feature anti-corrosive, chemical resistant, titanium sensor plates. These viscometers are capable of using the same, fixed sensor plates to perform continuous measurements, from very low to high viscosities.

Another key functional feature of these viscometers is the auto hold function. When the change of the displayed viscosity value is within the stabilisation range for a fixed period of averaging time, the stability value is automatically set to hold. This function is particularly useful when measuring in the field. 

Also for added convenience out in the field, SV-A series viscometers have detachable sensors that come away from the stand, and the entire unit comes with a portable carrying case as standard.

Featuring a variety of options to ensure it can be configured to provide optimum measurement conditions, SV-A viscometers are suitable for several applications, including:

  • measuring the viscosity necessary for the correction of particle size distribution
  • controlling the viscosity of resist liquids, inks, coating materials, adhesives, etc
  • controlling the viscosity of abrasives for semiconductors, ceramic materials, etc
  • measuring the cure processes of polymers, soldering flux, proteins, and gelation point, etc
  • detecting the cloud points of nonionic surface-active agents 
  • measuring viscosity variation due to changes in temperature of a lubricant, engine oil, food, etc
  • quantifying the “swallowability” of beverages 
  • quantifying the physical properties of biological substances, such as blood, etc.

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