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A&D Australasia 's weighing software package, Multi-Weigher, was designed to meet the growing needs and requirements for weight data capture in industry today.

Written using Borland Delphi and designed to run on a Microsoft Windows operating system, Multi-Weigher weighing software is able to monitor, check and grade the weight data of various products passed over the connected scales.

Able to collect weight data from platform scales, scientific balances, weight indicators, checkweighers, counting scales, and other weighing devices, this weighing software utilises soft Pascal colours in bold text to identifying the target, under, over and erroneous weights. Target weights are displayed in olive, under weights in orange, over weights in red and errors are inverse solid red blocks.
Using this weighing software, the data string input to the computer can be modified to suit any piece of weighing equipment from any scale manufacturer, just so long as it is fitted with a serial interface. The serial interface can be any one of the following:

  • RS232 Serial Output and Serial I/O
  • RS485 Serial Output and Serial I/O
  • RS422 Serial Output and Serial I/O
Multi-Weigher weighing software stores data in a comma delimited text format which can be read by products such as MS Excel. Able to be printed or viewed on the monitor screen, data recorded by this weighing software includes:
  • weight
  • time
  • date
  • product
  • operator
  • station; and
  • errors.
As an option, customers can have their Multi-Weigher weighing software up-graded to include data capture from either the Dolphin AD4404 or Dolphin AD4820 Checkweighers. In this function, RsCom transmits the weighing data to the computer using a text file format and allows transmit commands to control the balance.

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