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article image The metal finishing process.

A Class Metal Finishers Pty Ltd has released its new ‘Info Sheet Series’, a set of brief summaries related to a range of metal finishing, electroplating or surface treatment processes.

Each info sheet briefly, and in simple language, explains the various benefits, design cautions, environmental considerations or other information on surface function or aesthetics for each process.

For any manufacturer whose products require surface treatment, plating, polishing or finishing, the 'Info Sheet Series' may prove a useful resource, says A Class Metal Finishers.

The company receives many enquiries relating to metal finishing themes and they thought it would be useful to the manufacturing sector to produce an information resource that is simple but useful.

A Class Metal Finishers hope the 'Info Sheet series' might demystify the metal finishing industry and processes a little and make it easier for manufacturing customers to discern their own needs or their expectations of their finishing service suppliers.

The 'Info Sheet Series' can be supplied (on application) as a whole kit or as single info-sheets (related to the process or finish the manufacturer is most interested in).

Processes covered by the series include: chrome plating; electro-polishing for stainless steel; tin plating; silver plating (for decorative or functional purposes); E-Coat (electro-phoretic coating); gold plating (decorative or high purity functional); copper plating; satin or matt finishes; nickel plating (electrolytic or electro-less); metal polishing; plating on ABS plastics and more.

There are even info-sheets relating just to environmental considerations (for those who have questions about this process and its potential environmental impacts) or electroplating in general.

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