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Corrosion-resistant nickel plating from A Class Metal Finishers

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Plating with electroless nickel is an alternative to hard-chrome plating or manufacturing from stainless steel. Electroless nickel plating is provided by A Class Metal Finishers .

Electroless nickel is a form of electroplating but is applied without electric current. One of the benefits of nickel plating this way is that it results in a uniform coating over the entire surface of the item. This prevents the need to remachine the surface after plating as is required with hard chrome, electroplated coatings.

Further benefits of this coating are its corrosion resistance properties. The increased surface hardness (it resists wear), and the lubricity of the coating helps where moving parts make contact and prevents galling.

An electroless nickel finish performs similarly (and even looks similar in colour) to stainless steel. An electroless nickel plated steel part costs less to produce than a stainless steel part. The coating is commonly used on items that may be subject to salt water or chemically corrosive environments such as pump impellers.

Injection moulding tools and dies benefit from better mould release. Shafts, tubes and other components of moving assemblies benefit from the added wear resistance and lubricity.

Industries that may benefit from this service include:

  • Defence work
  • Aerospace
  • Water industry
  • Metal working industries including automotive, tooling and metal component manufacture

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