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Outsourcing metal bending and coiling

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METAL bending and coiling is a key ingredient of the manufacturing process for an array of components used in cars, planes, furniture, refrigerators, trains, defence equipment and street barriers used in cafés - to name just a few.

Costs of tooling for manufacturing components that require metal bending or coiling can be huge. Then there's the problem of keeping staff on board who have the specialist skills needed to achieve a consistent quality product that meets specifications every time. Add to that the fact that even major corporations don't need metal bending capabilities all the time - the answer to these problems is outsourcing.

Outsourcing to the experts significantly increases a company’s capacity to control costs, minimise stock, improve quality and increase productivity.

A Bending Company in Dandenong, Victoria acts as the ‘bending department’ for manufacturers around Australia who want to contain their costs and maintain high quality standards.

Big businesses have been using the benefits of outsourcing for a long time. They know that people who are the experts in a particular field do it better and cheaper.

Smaller businesses sometimes find it harder to let go of what they see as ‘control’ over their businesses. They are used to directly managing their own processes and people. According to A Bending Company small businesses can have more control when they outsource and the rewards of building relationships with outsource partners can be significant.

While A Bending Company specialises in production runs, they will tackle just about anything metal, bending and rolling to 114mm Ø - tube, pipe, RHS, angle, flats or channel. They also take on prototyping, R&D or specials jobs.

A Bending Company has passed the rigorous assessments required to obtain a ‘Defence Accredited Supplier’ rating.

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