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THE new Alpha T electronic lathe from Harrison is the first machine of its kind with advanced touchscreen technology. Displayed at EMO 2001, it brings a different dimension to easy-to-use controls.

A unique advantage of the Alpha T is that all machine consoles are mounted on a single console, located in the most ergonomically suitable position, on the saddle, so that the operator can see controls, tools, workpiece and cutting area all in a single line of sight.

The menu driven touchscreen has been designed for simplicity, with the concept that at any time it will only display the minimum number of keys needed to operate the machine's individual functions efficiently.

Quick response touchkeys gives access to either full manual control, or to different modes for fully automatic cycles such as stops, tapers, threads, chamfers, radii, box cycles, and CAM.

Information about positioning, speeds, feed rates, and so on, is displayed in easy-to-understand pictorial representations, internationally recognizable symbols and icons.

The operator receives simple step-by-step guidance - 'questions' are displayed on the screen, the operator taps in the response by touching the appropriate symbol; if the operator makes an error or omission, he or she is then prompted to make the correct move.

Threading cycles include single and multi-start internal and external parallel and taper metric, imperial, DP, module and special ACME (square) threads.

Clearance (box) cycles enable the roughing and finishing of parallel and taper metal removal areas.

The Alpha T means it is easy to select dimensional data direct from drawing - without the complication of full CNC programming.

The numerical input keypad on the console consists of just 15 keys - 0-9 numerical keys, a negative key as well as a point, delete, reset and enter key.

Infinitely variable high/low spindle speed ranges are selected on the touchscreen and there is the facility to set Constant Surface Speeds (CSS) for individual tools. 600 Machinery 02 9748 1964.

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