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Elevator Buckets are used to elevate bulk granular material on a belt or chain elevator.

4B have over 400 different sizes and styles
  • Elevator Buckets for any product and application are available including:
  • Steel elevator buckets (pressed / seamless or fabricated)
  • Plastic / non-metallic elevator buckets (nylon, HDP or polyurethane)
  • Buckets for agricultural applications (such as grain, feed, seeds, sugar)
  • Buckets for industrial applications (such as cement, lime, gypsum, aggregates, coal and fertilizer

4B ‘s  ranges includes the popular Starco / Super Starco buckets, CC-S HDPE elevator buckets and industrial Atlas AA elevator buckets.

4B also produce the more traditional type seamless steel elevator buckets needed for re-fitting older bucket elevators: A, B, C, D and F-type buckets. 

Elevator Buckets are extensively tested
  • High quality and have been designed to deliver optimal results
  • Vast experience within engineering processing industries
  • Design and optimization of custom bucket elevators that will offer a lifetime value

4B also offer a wide range of bucket elevator accessories including a variety of different bolts, elevator belts and a full range of fasteners.  

4B is the leading supplier of elevator bolts; all the original Ref 70 Bolts, Euro Bolts (Din15237), Easifit bolts and Fang bolts are manufactured at the company’s UK headquarters. All bolts are cold forged for highest quality and available in both metric and imperial sizes, in steel, stainless or zinc-plated. 

4B Australia supply SBR, NBR, FRASOR and Food Grade elevator belts in a variety of Tensile strengths. 4B Australia information and contact details


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06/12/12 - 4B Australia has increased the capacities of their popular STARCO steel elevator buckets.
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25/10/12 - 4B Australia introduces a new range of the popular pressed steel SPS elevator buckets in bigger sizes.
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20/09/12 - 4B Australia introduces the WDB7 lug style surface temperature sensors designed for continuous surface temperature monitoring applications.
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