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4Cabling develops termination cap system

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4Cabling  has developed a unique approach to patch panel termination.

The patch panel comes as a package including the 24 port unloaded patch panel, 24 individual termination cap style jacks and a back management rail.

This patch panel provides a safer, quicker termination and a new flexible approach to terminating.

The advantages of this termination cap system include:

  • There is no physical contact with a tool on the IDC contacts - leaving less room for damage and error
  • The termination cap holds the wires in place securely
  • Because there is no physical termination the jacks can be reterminated many times over
  • The cables can be individually terminated and tested prior to clipping them into the patch panel
  • The termination cap is labelled with both A & B wiring styles and can only be inserted one way, eliminating the potential for incorrect wiring

From a maintenance perspective 4Cabling Patch Panels for the following

  • The back management rail not only keeps your installation neat and tidy but it eliminates the stress on the actual jack and the cable by allowing the cable to enter the patch panel in a straight line. With a 110/Krone style panel the cable is terminated directly onto the panel, the cables are then bunched together and pulled to t into the rack - this often causes issues with the termination such as loose wires and poor test results.
  • The front sections of the panel remove so if you need to replace a jack, its as simple as popping it out and inserting the new jack - there is never a need to replace the whole patch panel

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