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4B increases capacity of STARCO steel elevator buckets

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4B Australia  has increased the capacities of their popular STARCO steel elevator buckets. All STARCO steel buckets now have the same or greater capacities than comparable models in the market.

Originally invented by 4B Braime’s French subsidiary, SETEM in the 1980s, the STARCO steel elevator buckets revolutionised the elevator buckets market by using centrifugal discharge on a parabolic elevator head to achieve much higher capacities on a given elevator leg.

Operating at a wide speed range up to 4.55m/s, the low profile STARCO steel elevator buckets are engineered to provide perfect fill and discharge for a wide range of products.

Results from a range of tests that 4B carried out to compare their own 4B STARCO buckets with competitors’ buckets show that a number of buckets in the market actually have a lower capacity than what is claimed on paper. Additionally, the quality of the bucket can be very different depending on the production process and the quality of steel used.

4B can provide test results and field evidence to show the differences between different models of elevator buckets available in the market.

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