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3M Microbiology manufacture a range of Petrifilm Aerobic Count Plates for use food bacteria presence testing

Applications of Petrifilm Aerobic Count Plates
The 3M range of Petrifilm Aerobic Count Plates are designed for a range of industries including:
  • Food manufacturing
  • Food handling
  • Beverage manufacturing
  • Beverage handling
  • Retailers
  • Supermarkets
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Schools
  • Universities
Features and Benefits of Petrifilm Aerobic Count Plates
Petrifilm Aerobic Count Plates offer a range of features and benefits including:
  • Sample-ready to use at any time to streamline your testing process. The indicator dye and built in grid allows fast accurate identification of colonies
  • By using labour-saving 3M Petrifilm Plates, you’ll have time to monitor critical control points more often
  • Increased technician labour productivity.
  • Reduced product costs
  • A survey of 274 plants who converted to 3M Petrifilm Plates from traditional agar methods found an average labour savings of 45% and an average increased technician efficiency of 80%.
  • Accurate results in three easy steps: inoculate, incubate and count
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Standardization of methodology
  • Consistent and reliable test results
  • Product reliability
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18/03/11 - 3M Food Safety has unveiled the launch of a new range of petrifilm aqua plates, which aim to bring the convenience of food microbiology testing to the water and beverage processing industries.
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10/03/11 - 3M Food Safety (Microbiology) offers the 3M Petrifilm plate readers designed for fast and automated reading of Petrifilm plates to provide quick and accurate results.
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09/03/11 - 3M Petrifilm environmental listeria plates, available from 3M Food Safety (Microbiology) offer rapid results with confirmation of listeria in 27-31 hours.
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08/03/11 - 3M Food Safety (Microbiology) offers Petrifilm staph express count plates that are faster than standard methods and provide confirmed results in 22 hours.
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07/03/11 - 3M Food Safety (Microbiology) offers Petrifilm yeast and mould count plates that facilitate simple testing of samples and easy interpretation of results.
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