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Microbial Luminescence Systems™ from 3M Food Safety (Microbiology) is a fast and easy hygienic examination of Ultra Heat Treated and Extended Shelf Life dairy products to test for the presence of microbial ATP.

Dairy Screening Processes
Rapid microbial detection systems using ATP Bioluminescence in a microwell based instrument, detects the presence of microbial ATP in sterile dairy and dairy-type products.

This hygiene testing system provides a positive release of the produce 48 hours faster than normal methods of testing, with a higher output.

This dairy screening system has been specifically designed to eliminate the ATP from non-microbial foundations and calculate only microbial ATP in a light output system of Relative Light Units.

The measurement of microbial ATP represents the occurrence of microbial contamination in each of the products

Microbial Luminescence System™ Products
  • Amber Vials 3011
  • ATP Reagent Control Kit 3004
  • ATPase Replacement Kit ATPASE300
  • Dispense Inject Probe A or C 3911
  • Dispense Inject Probe B 3910
  • Drain Plate 3912
  • Injector Cleaning Kit 3005
  • L/L1 Replacement Kit 3003B
  • Long Neck Bottle Holder C07011301L
  • Maintenance Solution 3006
  • Microwell Plate 3007
  • Microwell Strip 3008
  • Short Neck Bottle Holder C070113000F
  • Syringe and Plunger 3902
  • Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Dairy Screen Kit 3000DPQCOG
  • 3M™ Microbial Luminescence System (MLS)
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