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CyberQuad credits their productivity and product-to-market speed to 3D Systems’ 3D printers

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3D printing systems from 3D Systems Asia-Pacific have been used by Australian company CyberQuad to produce an unmanned electric vertical take-off and landing system called Quadrotor.  

CyberQuad used the power of 3D printing for the production of end-use-parts and assemblies made directly from 3D CAD data without tooling. The next generation SLS production 3D printers by 3D Systems were employed by the company to produce the parts using a unique material called DuraForm.  

Parts made from this material are capable of withstanding harsh conditions, and can be used for direct low-volume manufacturing, providing the flexibility to modify, optimise and evolve designs on-the-fly.  

CyberQuad credits 3D Systems as a major contributor to their productivity and product-to-market speed. Prior to using SLS additive manufacture technology, the company relied on traditional fibre type materials for produc­tion, which was time consuming and expensive.

3D Systems offers a range of affordable and user-friendly 3D printing systems to support broad consumer adoption. 3D Systems has acquired service bureaus such as Formero for OEMs who can’t justify bringing the technology in-house, allowing designers and engineers like CyberQuad to have the freedom to create and design for function.

According to Simon Marriott, general manager of 3D Systems Asia-Pacific, 3D Systems is an innovator of additive manufacturing with six different printer platforms and a wide range of materials, allowing customers to match materials to direct applications.  

3D Systems is a leading provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including 3D printers, print materials and on-demand custom parts services for professionals and consumers alike. 

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